About Us

Vishist Business Solutions, a division of Pantar Solutions Inc is acompany based out of Hyderabad, India with its headquarters in Charlotte, NC United States. We are a Project Execution, Product development, and IT Recruitment company. Pantar, a USA Company established in 2004 by IIT / IIM alumni has an Annual Turnover of $14 million and cumilative for 5 yrs is $59 Million and Vishist a fast-grwing firm in 8 years with Annual turnover of INR 7 Crores and Cumilative for 5 yrs is INR 28 Crores. Total cumilative figure id $63 Million Company.


Excellence we provide outstanding products and unsurpassed services that, together, deliver excellent performance to clientele
Integrity Intergrity is at heart of all our efforts in striving to fulfill our commitments to our stakeholders
Collective Ownership We believe in creating leaders by empowering every stakeholder in the pursuit if a commom goal without compromising in our ethics and values
Accountablity We honour our commitments and are accountable to our stakeholders throughout our engagement and beyond
Diversity We respect & believe in the power of diversity in creating the building blocks of robust, dynamic and sustainable solutions
Innovation Innovation guides our efforts in building solutions for our stakeholders that are sustainable, scalable and long lasting