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Basics of Banking and Financial Services Module

E-learning course details: Course duration for Banking and Financial Services Module is approximately 90 minutes. This course consists of series of chapters given below. At the end of the tutorial course you can take the quiz to check how far you have understood about Banking and Financial Services. You can publish your quiz score’s on website and share with your friends and team mates also. Best of luck!

Essential Bank Domain Knowledge For IT Professionals

You know, one of the most common questions I get from my readers is this – how do I increase my banking domain knowledge? Many professionals I know – particularly those in IT and engineering – want to make a switch over to the banking industry, citing better pay and prospects.

Commercial Banks

Sometimes also called corporate banks or merchant banks, these banks provide products and services to businesses. These can range from large corporations to the small “mom and pop” shops in your neighborhood. They focus on things like business loans, payments and also checking facilities for business purposes.

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